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Camzilla is a division of Serious Media Australia, the TV Production company behind, amongst many other things, the Serious Performance DVD series – Australia’s top-selling Automotive DVDs from 1997 to 2006. Camzilla was formed to exploit the knowledge and experience gained from filming high-performance vehicles over this period. For many years we evaluated virtually every camera mount on the market. We tested them, destroyed them, refined the designs and eventually settled on the mounts we feel are the best. We then made available in Australia every mount component at an affordable price, for professional film-makers, photographers and enthusiasts. Launched in Australia in Sept 2009, the first Camzilla product was the Camzilla CZ1 Universal Camera Mounting Kit - the first time a professional combination of quality mounting components had been available in one all-inclusive affordable package. Since then, we've expanded the Camzilla range - everything thoroughly tested by our busy film crews in a variety of environments. As always, we only sell items we personally use and can recommend. In 2010, that rigorous process enabled us to offer our first Action Cameras under the Camzilla banner - the Drift HD camera range. In late 2011, the new GoPro HD Hero range was also added. And in October 2012, the Sony ActionCam range joined the group after plenty of evaluation. We believe these three brands still offer the best action cameras on the market today. In early 2012, Camzilla progressed from an online store to opening a physical store in Lindfield, Sydney. As Australia's only media-specialist retailer in this category, we offer a hands-on demo opportunity to try any product in the showroom. And of course, you can still purchase online safely and securely. In late 2012, Camzilla evaluated the DashCam market and eventually partnered with BlackVue Korea to offer the world's leading Dash Cameras to our local customer base, with full Australian warranty. In mid 2013, after numerous requests and thorough evaluation, Camzilla entered the burgeoning Drone market with the exciting new ready-to-fly DJI Phantom - the ultimate camera mount! It was joined by the DJI Inspire in early 2015 and the 3DR Solo in late 2015. Now regularly supplying and setting up Drones for TV networks and other media companies, we've opened a fully equipped Service Centre for all DJI and 3DR servicing, maintenance, repairs, calibration and various modifications. For the future, we will continue to test new mounts, cameras, drones and any other relevant products we come across, and add to the Camzilla range any products we can confidently recommend. If you have any suggestions for items you'd like evaluated, just let us know!